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Stalowa Wola, the city with the area of 82,5 km2 and the total number of citizens exceeding 70 thousand, is one of the youngest cities in Poland. It belongs to the newly created Podkarpacie Province.

Located on the crossing of south - east - west roads Stalowa Wola is one of the most important junctions in the region. Such a location is conductive to the development of the city, railway junction in Stalowa Wola-Rozwadów has the direct connection with Przemyśl, Kraków, Lublin, Warszawa, Łódź, Poznań, cities of Silesia and Wrocław.

Thanks to the young and fast developing companies in the city and region the employment systematically increases. The private sector has grown considerably, the privatization of many companies helped to change the structure of the economy, new joint-venture companies with western capital have been established. Today over 5,5 thousand economic entities are registered in Stalowa Wola. Established in 1997 Special Economic Zone of Tarnobrzeg "Euro-Park Wisłosan"  has ben a successful factor stimulating the economic growth in the region.

Our City cannot be only associated with the HUTA STALOWA WOLA, it is not only the industry and planned highways but fisrt of all large forest areas remains of the Sandomierska Forest. During the 60 years of its existence Stalowa Wola developed from the small housing estate, located at the outskirts of the factory, to the size of big city, second biggest in the Podkarpacie Province.

Our City is dynamic and buoyant, but its greatest assets are the citizens. Young and well educated, they make up a priceless potential with great intellectual and manual capabilities, which can mange any kind of business activity.

  Other special values of the city and almost industrial field are its modern urban planning, its space and natural environment. Big woods on the banks of the River San, allowing vast space for active rest and good communication routes make up the rest. Stalowa Wola is the dynamic administration, cultural, educational and sport center.

In the area of education the first violin plays the branch of Katolicki Universytet Lubelski, where currently study over 3 thousand students. In 1998 the new branch of the Polytechnic of Rzeszów was established, educating graduates finding employment in the local companies. In the academic year 2001/2002 its activity began the College of Economics. The preference in the education program has been given to the economics, law, computer science and foreign languages. The oldest educational institution is the Public Library, established in 1938 and operating since then without interruption. There are also two culture houses and music school operating in the city. The showcase of the artistic movement are among others the J. Zmuda Dramatic Theatre, "Okna" Theatre, "Lasowiacy" group, "Cantus" chorus, and "Volta" dancing group.

The sports club with long traditions, and simultaneously the peer of the city, is ZKS "Stal" with traditional basketball (the team has just been promoted to the first division) and football teams, as well as other smaller sections of athletics, tennis and volleyball. Other sport and recreation organizations worth mentioning are the automobile club and the aero club based on the sport airfield in Turbia near Stalowa Wola.

Stalowa Wola is the city worth coming to, worth investing in, because it has not only the huge potential and great history but also the strong will for achievements - no wonder as the English equivalent the city name is "Steel Will".

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